Your career starts here.

MME group offers the opportunity to learn a trade among some of the manufacturing industry’s most talented people.

Whether this is the start of your career, or you bring highly sought-after skills to the table, we view your employment as an investment in your career at MME group.

MME group is a place for people who care about their work, care about their co-workers, and know how to have FUN!

Rewards & Recognition

Success deserves to be shared. MME acknowledges employees for their contributions with merit-based compensation, recognition gifts, performance awards, and company-sponsored celebrations.

Core Values

Our Core Values are guiding principles that help to
ensure we’re all working towards the same common goal.

Core Values

Why Choose MME?


A Core Value-based culture that
guides the way we operate every day.

Employee Engagement

We have active employees who enjoy participating in activities outside of their core responsibilities — including charitable efforts, continuous improvement initiatives and fun company-sponsored events.


Comprehensive Medical, Dental & Vision plus a highly competitive 401k.


MME group’s steady revenue growth provides company-wide opportunities for employees to develop their skills and advance their career.

Meaningful Work

Many of the products we manufacture, from consumer goods to life-saving medical devices, improve people’s lives and promote sustainability.


We keep an exceptionally safe work environment, which as of August 2019, has resulted in over a year without a lost time accident.

You’ve found the RIGHT contract manufacturing partner.