Moving your program from one supplier to another takes serious consideration and careful execution. Transferring your manufacturing program from your current supplier doesn’t have to increase costs or create new headaches. We’ll customize a transfer program to help you move your part(s) or entire production to MME group.

Customized Planning & Supply Chain Management

We start by understanding the challenges you face with your current supplier. With full in-house contract manufacturing services and expertise, we use our resources to find solutions. Once we assess the program, we advise on whether the transfer is financially sound. Alongside assessment, we analyze the risk.

To mitigate risks, we analyze the assembly process and your supply chain. We partner with a variety of suppliers who serve Fortune 500 companies. If necessary, we re-qualify current suppliers and/or qualify new suppliers.

We share the facts and costs upfront, and provide ROI predictions. We prepare you for potential buy-out obstacles, devise plans and assist in negotiations. If transferring your program is the right move for your company, we manage it every step of the way.

When you transfer your assets including tools, molds, testing equipment and inventory, we inspect and evaluate its performance. With all transfers, we apply a preventative maintenance plan to maximize the life of your asset(s), and ensure repeatability and quality.


We have successfully completed more than 200 transfers. Upfront planning ensures a clear path for transfer success. We eliminate unnecessary downtime, and ensure your part(s) or product quality is maintained—if not improved.


We broach the transfer with discretion. We understand the delicate nature of potentially ending a supplier relationship. We advise on how to best handle your unique situation. We safeguard against price hikes, end-of-life fees and other hidden—and often unnecessary—costs charged by the current supplier. We aid in the negotiation process to protect your best interest.

We are a vertically integrated contract manufacturer. When we enter into a partnership with your company, we take accountability for the program outcomes. Our superior in-house resources are at your disposal and sourcing outside MME group is fully managed by our team. Whatever complexities your program faces, we are equipped to handle.

Reasons to Transfer
Your Part(s) or Product

Quality concerns
Need to consolidate suppliers
Current supplier going out of business
Delivery or supply chain challenges
 Lack of communication

You’ve found the RIGHT contract manufacturing partner.