For many businesses the day-to-day logistics required to store, fulfill, and ship products can distract from core goals. Other organizations work with third party logistics providers separate from manufacturing partners, creating an additional step between manufacture and delivery..

That’s why, as a full service contract manufacturer, MME group, Inc. provides third party logistics (3PL) like services. Our goal is to help businesses focus on what they do best.

Pairing Manufacturing
& Logistics

  • Process consolidation – from design to manufacture to delivery – with a single contract manufacturing partner, reducing cost and complexity.
  • Smaller organizational footprint and reduced overhead through a lessening or elimination of warehouse requirements.
  • Ship direct to consumers, distributors, business-to-business, and retail.

Your Distribution Arm

Just like other facets of our contract manufacturing services, providing logistics solutions allows us to function as an extension of your business. Partnership is at the core of everything we do. We find storage, fulfillment, and shipping to be a logical extension of our partnership approach.

You’ve found the RIGHT contract manufacturing partner.