We engineer your product for assembly. We apply Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) and KanBan management strategies along with inspections and quality systems tailored to your assembly needs.

We can take advantage of the molding operation by introducing value-add services right next to the press, such as welding (ultrasonic, hot plate, heat staking), gluing, pneumatic driving, pad printing, etching, packaging and more. This increase in efficiency means faster lead times and lower costs.

Design Phase

Through the series of design phases, your parts are subjected to thorough review and testing. This provides assurances that your product is properly manufactured and ready for assembly.

Product Development

During the product development stage, we engineer solutions to ensure validation of your product. It is manufactured in the most efficient and economical manner; manufacturing complexities are addressed up front to avoid costly adjustments.

Automated & Electro Mechanical Assembly

We provide highly automated and electro-mechanical assembly services that keep the process streamlined and within your budget. Automation results in greater productivity, repeatability and reliability.

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