MME group added a 700-ton molding machine and upgraded Visual Display Unit controller for precision molding of larger parts.

The MME group 700-ton Sumitomo Demag injection molding machine with VDU Control® is unmatched in the industry. A machine of this caliber outperforms machines of similar capacity because of its ability to manufacture high precision molding with shot-to-shot repeatability and optimized cycle times for larger parts.

The 700-ton Demag delivers 700 tons of clamping force and injection capacity of up to 80 oz. GPPS, which is suitable for molding large parts.

The press is a start-of-the-art injection molding machine utilizing a field-proven responsive controller Visual Display Unit, the VDU® Control by Von Dorn. The VDU’s upgraded settings, controls and graphics are ultra-fast and able to complete system scans in less than half a millisecond.

“Standard VDUs have served the plastics manufacturing industry well,” said Brian Bussmann, vice president at MME group. “However, MME group promises to deliver large, high quality parts under the most challenging time constraints. Our 700-ton machine’s optimizing capability helps us deliver on that promise.”

The machine is equally impressive with high precision molding.

High precision molding gives greater control over flash and waste. It provides a quicker curing time and is an optimal manufacturing method for many large plastic components.

The 700-ton press is the ideal solution for engineers and technical professionals who have high quality standards as the machine provides more precise and repeatable outcomes at every run. MME group also holds certifications in quality management systems.

MME group holds general ISO certifications for quality management systems (ISO 9002:2008); a specialized certification for medical component manufacturing (ISO 13485:2012); and is ITAR registration for adhering to U.S. export laws for government projects.

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