Vertically integrated manufacturing gives customers the competitive edge

One of the key challenges that customers face is getting to market on time.

At first glance, sourcing materials, parts and production, and assembly to the lowest bidders sounds like a suitable approach to minding the company budget. However, this approach is problematic. There is less certainty that a collection of suppliers will be able to deliver on time and maintain quality. Thus, resulting in increased expenses and delays to production.

Minimizing supply chain challenges will help get customer products to market faster.

MME group is a vertically integrated manufacturer with a demonstrated understanding of the supply chain process. This means we become a trusted partner to our customer. We invest in the project from start to finish. We ensure that lean manufacturing processes are applied. We are experts in supply chain management; we create a seamless supply chain that is aligned and working toward meeting the customer’s goal.

Our team works closely with customers to prioritize, manage resources, develop schedules and identify team roles. We work with customers to understand and provide solutions to budget constraints.

We incorporate Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) methodology to anticipate manufacturing costs, materials and design early in the process. We use this technology to select the most appropriate manufacturing approach for the product.

We apply Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) at various stages of product development from planning to design to manufacturing. Our early involvement and long standing relationship with suppliers allow us to leverage additional experience and expertise. This supports open communication, an on-going comprehensive design evaluation, and determine appropriate program needs for the customer.

Vertical integration provides MME group customers with many benefits. Choosing MME group gives customers greater access to experienced and knowledgeable engineering and design teams, resources and more control over outcomes.

Ultimately, vertical integration controls costs and helps customers get their product to market faster. MME group’s ability to deliver supply chain management is the key to the Company’s highly regarded reputation for trust, quality and end-to-end integrated manufacturing solutions.

Learn more about MME group’s services. If you have questions about how MME group can help your product get to market, please email or call Brian Bussman at (651) 483-0965.