Product image of the Decon7 Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray Plus

At its very core, Contract Manufacturing is about the ability to provide a service (or services) at a scale that a design/production partner cannot.

The Situation:
Decon Seven Systems (D7) were happy with the basic design of their BDAS+ (Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray) handheld unit, but they lacked the facilities and the expertise to move the project forward to completion. The nature of the product, and its potentially hazardous theaters of deployment, meant that choosing a trusted and reliable partner was absolutely vital.

The Solution:
Not only did MME have the certifications and regulatory approvals to fulfil all of D7’s requirements, but we had the experience and expertise to execute every stage of the process from concept to completion. Our DFMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) ethos and our creative approach to tooling and molding allowed us to not just meet, but exceed D7’s expectations.

The Results
Ultimate deliverables included:

  • USA made, at an ITAR registered and HAZMAT certified facility
  • HAZMAT shipping capability
  • Met product cost, scalability and pricing expectations
  • Improved design and reduced part count due to collaboration of technical and engineering teams
  • Communication of timelines, essential milestones, delivery deadlines
  • Packaging designs and mockups
  • Product samples for presale objectives
  • Full supply chain management

MME was able to offer all of the critical elements we required in a contract manufacturer, including an experienced team we knew we could trust. The MME team collaborated with our design and engineering firm on every detail, working together to efficiently execute the production plan. Seeing our pilot product fully assembled, packaged, and ready for distribution was a fulfilling achievement for the Decon7 team.

Matt Bluhm,

CEO Decon7 Systems LLC

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decon7 bdas+ being manufactured
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