17 May 2017

Case Study – Nebia

Assembling Nebia Showerhead

MME’s ability to provide effective solutions to multiple challenges makes us an excellent Contract Manufacturing partner. The role we played helping Nebia develop and produce their Kickstarter funded shower system is a perfect example. In an industry that has seen very little design innovation in more than a century, the Nebia Shower System is a genuine breakthrough that fundamentally changes the way people feel about water usage in their home and provides water savings up to 70%.

The Situation

The Nebia Shower System is unlike any you’ve ever seen or used. It’s a visually stunning design with a staggering 180 individual components. The system needed to be shipped in an ultra-modern product package made up of multiple pieces. Stringent quality assurance and product presentation was critical to the brand’s standards for delivering a flawless product to the consumer – not even a smudge could make the cut. Something that functionally complex meant that Nebia needed a flexible and multi-skilled partner with full contract manufacturing capabilities.

Aside from engineering and QA, Nebia needed some very specific issues addressed. Firstly, the system needed to be manufactured entirely in the USA. Secondly, Nebia expressed a desire to partner with a contract manufacturer that didn’t merely churn out a product, but one that offered a level of one-to-one service and accessibility the huge corporations couldn’t guarantee.

The Solution

Leveraging our expertise in complex and highly regulated medical device manufacturing, we were able to either source or create the parts best suited to withstand the heat and humidity of a shower environment, and guarantee an absolutely watertight finish.

To ensure the highest possible level of QA we established a dedicated assembly line to examine every system before it was packaged and shipped. We were also able to upscale production to meet a predicted increase in demand, from an initial commitment of 10,000 systems all the way up to 100,000 systems within two years.

In other words, this was a complex, multi-layered project with the potential to turn into a very big complex, multi-layered project. We were able to fulfill all of Nebia’s needs from design through to distribution, while delivering the personalized service and attention they required.

The Results

Ultimate deliverables included:

  • 40+ custom plastic parts
  • 30+ plastic injection molds
  • 40+ custom fixtures
  • 90+ purchased components
  • Assembly room dedicated to production
  • Inventory management systems
  • Streamlined process flow
  • Tightly managed lead times
  • Distribution solutions
  • 24/7 Production support
  • Made in the USA

Bringing Nebia to market has been a journey enabled by our key partners, of which MME is a shining example. MME worked hand-in-hand with Nebia to solve problems, and source and manufacture components. Having our assembly line beside plastic capabilities and rapid fixture manufacturing, allowed us to solve problems and make changes in days, instead of weeks or months. MME’s dedication, and team, enabled an aggressive schedule and complex product to get into our customer’s hands, and made in the USA.

Philip Winter

Co-Founder & CEO, Nebia

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Finishing assembly of nebia shower
Component pieces of the Nebia Shower
Partial construction of nebia showerhead