With large (750 ton) plastic injection molding presses, MME group is positioned to help companies in ways that other contract manufacturers are not. Working with a manufacturer with these capabilities means being able to produce large parts in significant volumes – and doing so more quickly and economically than many other full service contract manufacturers.

We are dedicated to providing a full range of plastic injection molding services for our clients. As a result we are well equipped with presses that range in size from 10 to 750 tons.

For clients who need our services quickly, are experiencing difficulties with their current manufacturer, or have overflow work that needs to be moved to another manufacturing partner, our robust transfer process is customized to each business’s unique needs. We pride ourselves in being responsive to timeline and logistics when it comes to transferring manufacturing work, and our process is entirely transparent.

Decreased Lead Times and Reduced Costs

Additionally, unlike many other manufacturers with large presses, at MME group, we have invested in the tooling capabilities necessary to build, repair, and maintain large molds. The result is decreased lead times and a far more beneficial and cost-effective process when something need to be adjusted or repaired.

Sophisticated robotics further help MME group minimize costs by reducing labor needs at the press. Additionally, as part of our lean manufacturing process, building assemblies directly at the press helps reduce product handling steps.

More Capabilities Under One Roof

To fully leverage a contract manufacturing relationship means seeking to – whenever possible – choose a partner who has wide-ranging capabilities under one roof.

At MME group, our investment in large plastic injection presses up to 750 tons is just one of many examples that showcase our technical expertise and dedication to end-to-end manufacturing solutions. This helps us ensure we meet the rigorous standards we have set for ourselves, the products we help create, and the service we provide to our clients.

Our clients also save time and money by minimizing the need to go to outside sources for large molded parts, which otherwise can add lead time, markup, and shipping fees.

If you are seeking a new manufacturing partner, or would like to simply learn more about our capabilities, contact MME group today.

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