Valued clients and prospective clients,

As of October 2nd, MME is pleased to announce the return of Alexandria Schumacher as Vice President of Operations & HR.

Miss Schumacher brings with her a commitment to drive our company’s core beliefs…provide a truly world class partnership experience for our current and future clients…and to apply her expertise to foster an environment of respect and collaboration with our partners and associates.

This is an exciting time in MME’s development, as Miss Schumacher’s return adds a new chapter to our 44-year history as a box build contract manufacturer with full supply chain management and control. Rest assured, the pillars of our approach to business will remain unchanged:

  1. All of MME’s associates will continue to give their best efforts to provide you with a world class partnership experience.
  2. Our entire suite of full contract manufacturing services is still at your disposal, and it will evolve and grow with the addition of new products and services when appropriate.
  3. MME’s belief in open and honest communication will continue.

We are grateful to you, our valued customer, not only for giving us the opportunity to provide you with Contract Manufacturing services, but for your loyalty and friendship, which have enriched our relationship. We are confident that this partnership will serve us all well.

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please contact any of us at any time.

Miss Schumacher

Miss Schumacher
MME group Vice President