October is national manufacturing month! It’s a time to recognize the impact that manufacturing has on the economy and workforce.

October is national Manufacturing Month! It’s a month to highlight the value of manufacturing to the U.S. and local economy. It also presents the opportunity to focus attention on many of the highly skilled careers throughout the manufacturing industry.


This October, MME group will open its doors to approximately 40 interested students from area high schools. The students will get a glimpse into what a contract manufacturer is and how it operates. After a quick Q&A session, MME will provide lunch to students and then take them on a tour of the plant.


Manufacturing supports an estimated 17.6 million jobs in the U.S. More than 12 million Americans (or nine percent of the workforce) are employed directly in manufacturing.1 Brian Bussmann, vice president at MME group views the tour as an investment in the students, community and manufacturing industry. “Giving students a chance to understand the industry and to see firsthand how it operates, opens their eyes to the possibility of a career in manufacturing.”


The student tour was a coordinated effort by MME group and the Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation (VHEDC). The VHEDC is a group of business leader engaging with the community stakeholders to enhance the economic vitality of its community.


If you are interested in scheduling a student tour, please contact Brian Bussmann. Looking for a manufacturing career at MME group, check out our careers page.


1  Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014), with estimate of total employment supported by manufacturing calculated by National Association of Manufacturers using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (2013, 2014).

“Performance measures are essential, and using a scorecard to define and organize them can bring powerful advantages.” Dr. Bob Frost

We administer scorecards because we believe measuring performance drives winning behavior and results. Using a scorecard ensures that program outcomes and goals are in line with our customers’ expectations. Those expectations help us identify performance measurement criteria for our customers, vendors, employees and company. We measure performance throughout the entire process; success comes full circle when you measure performance.

When we’re accountable, we succeed. Our Culture of Accountability is the foundation from which we measure employee success. Weekly performance updates provide employees the opportunity to strategize their success, and stay informed about how well the team and company is performing for each customer’s project. It ensures we stay focused and hold ourselves and teammates accountable. On a monthly basis, we use a tool called Tracking Action to track and measure success at the department level.

As a vertically integrated contract manufacturer, we hold our suppliers to the same high standards as our employees. Our vendors are fully vetted and regularly evaluated. We develop long-term relationships with only the most reliable and trusted vendors because we maintain an open dialogue about our expectations and work side-by-side with them to achieve success. Our customers do not encounter the blame game because we are accountable, and manage and evaluate our vendor relationships.

Are you interested in learning a bit more about our performance measurements? We’re happy to share! Please contact Brian Bussmann or call (651) 483-0965.

We help you assess the risk, prepare you for potential end-of-life and buy-out obstacles, devise a plan, and assist in negotiations.

Moving your program from one supplier to another takes serious consideration and careful execution. Transferring your manufacturing program from your current supplier to MME group doesn’t have to increase costs or create new headaches.

We start by understanding the challenges you face with your current supplier. With full in-house contract manufacturing services and expertise, we use our resources to find solutions. Once we assess the program, we advise on whether the transfer is financially sound. Alongside assessment, we analyze the risk. We share the facts and costs upfront, and provide ROI predictions. If transferring your program is the right move for your company, we manage it every step of the way.

We broach the transfer with discretion. We understand the delicate nature of potentially ending a supplier relationship. We advise on how to best handle your unique situation. We safeguard against price hikes, end-of-life fees and other hidden—and often unnecessary—costs charged by the current supplier. We aid in the negotiation process to protect your best interest.

We are a vertically integrated contract manufacturer. When we enter into a partnership with your company, we take accountability for the program outcomes. Our superior in-house resources are at your disposal and sourcing outside MME group is fully managed by our team. Whatever complexities your program faces, we are equipped to handle.

If you’re feeling trapped by your current supplier, let us take a look at your program. Please complete our online Request for a Quote or contact Brian Bussmann directly at (651) 483-0965.