We custom engineered a stylish new indoor/outdoor enclosure for our customer’s product. We secured supply chain management, and provided tooling, molding and sub-assembly with electronics.

Our customer sells innovative lawn irrigation control systems to consumers and businesses. Its eco-friendly products are recognized for innovation and cost savings. Its newest product will now receive kudos for its sleek and stylish enclosure.

Partnering with the company’s engineering firm that designed the controller component of the product, we manufactured the custom enclosure case and provided electrical sub-assembly. We worked side-by-side to ensure design continuity was maintained.

The ingress enclosure features a combination of colors and weather-resistant materials. The assembled enclosures are kitted with anchors, screws and instructions before we send the final product to its distribution center.

Our partner’s product is schedule for production this fall.

Looking for custom contract manufacturing services? Contact Brian Bussmann at (651) 483-0965 or sales@mmegroupinc.com.


28 Jul 2015

Call Us the Mask Guys

We have extensive experience in engineering, sourcing, tooling and 2-shot-molding masks for the medical industry. With years of experience, it’s easy to embrace the title of “Mask Experts.”

Our most recent mask customer contacted us through a referral. MME group is contracted to engineer, source and manufacture a new, and highly complex disposable mask within the customer’s price range. Their goal is to get their product to market quickly while abiding by stringent quality controls.

We use our supply chain management expertise to work with our customer’s existing suppliers and supply chain resources to streamline production.  We provided the option to source overseas with MME group maintaining responsibility and managing the vendor.

The MME group engineering team worked closely with the customer’s team to re-engineer the product to allow for 9 variations of the mask. Plus, each with different components to create countless SKUs and kits. Our team recommended and sourced materials to ensure the customer’s price point was met.

Our quality control team will assist with the company’s CE certification mark which certifies that a product has been evaluated and meets rigorous standards for safe operation.

The mask is slated for production in early 2016.

Looking for a mask or medical device contract manufacturing expert? Contact Brian Bussmann at (651) 483-0965 or sales@mmegroupinc.com.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website. The new site provides the ultimate user experience featuring improved navigation and organization.

The MME group website includes a fresh, modern design compatible with today’s browsers and built on a responsive platform to enhance the user experience on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. With one click, it’s easy to follow menu helps you navigate directly to the information you’re looking for. Once there, you can navigate further into the site to learn more about MME group’s full service contract manufacturing capabilities.

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