15 Jun 2015

Transfer Work


Manufacture a stable supply of customer’s medical product by transferring mold away from its previous supplier while providing a high-quality medical part at consistent price points.


  • Program management including a plan and schedule for the transfer process
  • Corrected mold to reduce scrap and increase predictability
  • Competitive pricing while applying ISO 13485 principles
  • Reduced shipping costs by implementing a Kanban solution for raw materials
  • Increased communication with customer
  • Supply chain management
  • Imported long leadtime materials in bulk


  • Reduced product costs
  • Raw materials available to meet customer orders (on time delivery)
  • Reduced customers returns and product defects
  • No interruption in shipping commitments

MME group delivered the customer’s orders on time, every time. The customer had no interruptions in shipping commitments, as it has with a previous vendor. The customer’s overall cost for manufacturing the product was reduced. The quality surpassed expectations and the customer saw a reduction in returns and product defects as a result.