15 Jun 2015



The customer originally reached out to MME group for tooling services. The customer presented two prototypes of an innovative consumer product designed to hold the nozzle of a pneumatic hose commonly found in paint and auto body shops. After determining the customer’s needs, MME group designed a solution to combine the two products into one for an overall lower cost. Product design, tooling, sourcing and molding services were provided.


  • Complete engineering redesign
  • Reduced product from two separate molds, fasteners and assembly operations down to one
  • Replaced high-cost engineering resins with lower cost materials
  • Procured materials and provide an exact color match to a neon green material
  • Laser engraved the logo onto the product. Client provided an artist’s sketch and MME group digitized it
  • Provided supply chain management


MME group’s engineering team took the prototype from concept to market. The re-engineered design provided the customer with an overall lower cost for materials, tooling, molding, fasteners and assembly. In turn, allowing for a greater profit margin for the customer.