MME group recently welcomed new hire Natalie Nemetz to the team. Natalie joined MME group in April 2015 as a new Customer Service Representative.

Natalie handles customer communication and acts as a liaison between customers and departments at MME group. She provides account management services including receiving purchase orders and report reconciliation, creating sales order acknowledgments, and providing scheduled shipment reports.

Natalie is a graduate of St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn. After graduation, she worked several years in various customer service positions. “I worked in several positions where I needed to adapt and be flexible. My critical thinking and problem solving skills were frequently challenged, and my customer service skills soared,” said Natalie. Prior to joining MME group, she was a research manager at a marketing research company. She provided web analytics and data to Fortune 500 companies. After the company consolidated to Florida, Nemetz found her next opportunity with MME group.

With a smile on her face, Alexandria boasts about the addition of Natalie. “Natalie is a ray of sunshine. In her short time at MME group, she’s impressed us with her ability to learn processes, programs and products.” Natalie’s personality has won-over her colleagues as well. “Natalie has an empathetic nature and is a social butterfly. She uses those strengths to breakdown communication barriers between employees and customers alike,” adds Alexandria.

You can reach Natalie Nemetz at (651) 483-0965 ext. 229 or

MME group, a contract manufacturer, today announced that it was selected by Wild Wheels Enterprises to manufacture its JOCX™ The Original Hose Holder, an innovative new product designed to securely hold the nozzle receptacle of pneumatic hoses commonly used in automotive and paint shops. Wild Wheels selected MME group because of its extensive engineering and supply chain management experience, and full service contract manufacturing capabilities.

“The team at MME group is responsive, resourceful and experienced. We chose a partner who did not simply manufacture a product. Rather, MME group worked with a sense of ownership and provided practical, cost-effective solutions to quickly engineer and manage production for a successful market launch,” said Mike Huebl, sales manager at Wild Wheels Enterprises.

MME group was presented with two Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) prototypes of the hose holder invention. Originally, the Company was asked to develop tooling to manufacture the product – pretty straightforward. What transpired took the product from concept to market.

The original JOCX Hose Holder concept was presented as a two-piece product: One style featured a magnet application. The other style featured a semi-permanent screw-in option. The concept required two separate molds, fasteners, and an assembly operation in order to produce the final product. MME group took to development and provided its first cost-savings solution.

MME group engineers re-developed the product by integrating two mounting options into a one-piece design. Engineering a single solution eliminated additional tooling, molding, fasteners, and assembly costs associated with a two-piece design. It also provides customers the flexibility to chose the style that best meets their needs.

“While MME group stood to benefit from producing a more complex and costly design, its team recognized the importance of bringing a competitive product to market,” said Huebl. “This is just one example of how MME group helped manage costs. We immediately recognized that this was a partnership and not a transaction.”

Material selection provided additional savings. Wild Wheels had originally discussed using a high-cost engineering resin. However, MME group engineers presented lower cost options that would meet or exceed the product requirements. The Company leveraged its extensive supplier network to source the right material, along with providing a custom color match.

“Engineering a new product design was crucial to bringing the JOCX Hose Holder to market at a reasonable retail cost,” said Huebl.

Lead engineer, Mitch Kinsey, managed the product development. “Wild Wheels originally reached out to MME group for tooling services. After determining the company needs, we engineered product design, tooling, sourcing and molding to significantly reduce the overall production and materials cost,” said Kinsey.

Kinsey continued, “We procured materials and provided a color match to manufacture JOCX in neon green. Wild Wheels wanted the JOCX logo on the product, but only had an artist’s sketch. We digitized the logo and laser engraved it into the tooling so it could be embossed on the molded product.”

Currently, Wild Wheels assembles, packages and ships orders. As the product reaches the masses, MME group is capable of executing all deliverables.

“We’re proud to be the preferred contract manufacturer for the JOCX The Original Hose Holder,” said Brian Bussmann, vice president at MME group. “From design to assembly, we have the in-house contract manufacturing expertise to help deliver new products to the market.”

About MME group
MME group is a leading contract manufacturer of small to medium-sized parts and products. Services include: Full product development, tooling, molding and assembly. We provide program, quality, supply chain and inventory management.

With some of the fastest turnaround times for contract manufacturing companies in the United States, MME group’s speed to market is unmatched providing you with a competitive advantage on low cost manufacturing.

MME group provides the best solutions to fit your needs with unmatched care, quality systems and technical expertise. Make MME group your contract manufacturing partner for short lead times, highest quality and cost competitiveness. Visit

About JOCX™ The Original Hose Holder
JOCX™ The Original Hose Holder is designed to support the coupler end of an air hose preventing it from falling to the floor when disconnected from a pneumatic tool. By inserting the coupler end into the center of the holder, the technician has a convenient fixed home to anchor their air hose. Made from durable polypropylene plastic, the base fastens to multiple substrates using a 65-pound ceramic fixture magnet or two #10 screws. Learn more at or call (702) 600-1705.

MME group, a leading contract manufacturer of small to medium-sized parts and products, recently welcomed a visit from Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman. Commissioner Huffman along with the City of Vadnais Heights City Administrator Kevin Watson, City of Vadnais Heights City Council Member Craig Johnson, and Vadnais Heights Economic Development Corporation (VHEDC) Executive Director Ling Becker toured the facility.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development awarded MME group a $50,000 grant through the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership (MJSP) program. Upon learning of the award, Becker of the VHEDC, a non-profit organization established to further economic development in the City of Vadnais Heights, Minn. and surrounding areas, reached out MME group to request a tour of its facilities and learn more about the company. Partnering with Century College in White Bear Lake, Minn., MME group is using the grant to develop customized technical training for its production, engineering, quality systems and human resources employees.

“Vadnais Heights is a hub for manufacturing. We employ more than 100 people and value workforce training and professional growth. We are active in the community and a member of the VHEDC and jumped at the opportunity to showcase our talent and expertise in contract manufacturing,” said Brian Bussmann, vice president at MME group.

The tour included a brief run-through of MME group’s history which began in 1974 when the company started out as a toolmaking shop. As the demand on manufacturers changed and technology advanced, so did the Company. MME group now operates as a full service contract manufacturer with two locations running three shifts, 24-hours a day.

Bussmann escorted city leadership through a tour of the facility. He began by introducing the product development department; the team design and engineer parts and products. He then proceeded to the plant floor where engineering design becomes reality.

Bussmann and the group explored the plant’s extensive tooling, molding and assembly operations including a tour of the Company’s class 8 (100,000) clean room. MME group also features inventory management and shipping. Its Quality Management Systems include ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates, and an ITAR certification.

“We are a vertically integrated manufacturer. Our in-house capabilities and supply chain management expertise help our customers take their products from concept to market. The tour helps demonstrate our servant leadership approach to successful contract manufacturing,” said Bussmann.

“Small businesses like MME group are the backbone of most cities. They employ our neighbors, they stimulate countless local businesses with their purchases and they pay property taxes – which pay for a significant portion of our infrastructure. This company is a tremendous asset to Ramsey County and the City of Vadnais Heights,” said County Commissioner Blake Huffman.

To learn more about MME group contract manufacturing services, visit or call (651) 483-0965.

15 Jun 2015

Transfer Work


Manufacture a stable supply of customer’s medical product by transferring mold away from its previous supplier while providing a high-quality medical part at consistent price points.


  • Program management including a plan and schedule for the transfer process
  • Corrected mold to reduce scrap and increase predictability
  • Competitive pricing while applying ISO 13485 principles
  • Reduced shipping costs by implementing a Kanban solution for raw materials
  • Increased communication with customer
  • Supply chain management
  • Imported long leadtime materials in bulk


  • Reduced product costs
  • Raw materials available to meet customer orders (on time delivery)
  • Reduced customers returns and product defects
  • No interruption in shipping commitments

MME group delivered the customer’s orders on time, every time. The customer had no interruptions in shipping commitments, as it has with a previous vendor. The customer’s overall cost for manufacturing the product was reduced. The quality surpassed expectations and the customer saw a reduction in returns and product defects as a result.

15 Jun 2015



The customer originally reached out to MME group for tooling services. The customer presented two prototypes of an innovative consumer product designed to hold the nozzle of a pneumatic hose commonly found in paint and auto body shops. After determining the customer’s needs, MME group designed a solution to combine the two products into one for an overall lower cost. Product design, tooling, sourcing and molding services were provided.


  • Complete engineering redesign
  • Reduced product from two separate molds, fasteners and assembly operations down to one
  • Replaced high-cost engineering resins with lower cost materials
  • Procured materials and provide an exact color match to a neon green material
  • Laser engraved the logo onto the product. Client provided an artist’s sketch and MME group digitized it
  • Provided supply chain management


MME group’s engineering team took the prototype from concept to market. The re-engineered design provided the customer with an overall lower cost for materials, tooling, molding, fasteners and assembly. In turn, allowing for a greater profit margin for the customer.


Customer approached MME group needing quick resolution to production delays that arose during a medical device redesign. We consolidated production of the complete assembly.


  • Complete control over design enhancements, design timeline, and production schedule
  • Engineers designed and enhanced mold that made production possible
  • Supply chain consolidation
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Qualified all components in only six weeks
  • Complete validation throughout manufacture and final assembly
  • Execution of several critical design features:
  • Full assembly in clean room and in accordance with ISO 13485
  • Provided all required laser etching
  • Pressure test of assembled product
  • Completed design of compression seal
  • Enhanced sealing of packaging


Customer received a completely assembled, packaged and sterilized product within desired leadtime at reduced cost enabling them to bring the revised product to market.


Customer engaged MME group for tooling and production molding work for two of 37 total parts required to manufacture a popular consumer product, the number one walking cane in America. MME group provided contract manufacturing solutions for the customer to move its entire offshore production to MME group and market their product as “100% American Made.”


  • Full contract manufacturing solutions: product development, value engineering, testing, in-house tooling and construction, production molding, assembly, packaging and inventory management
  • 20% lighter and 40% stronger product
  • Dedicated assembly area operating on three shifts
  • Maintained product inventory and shipped directly to distributors
  • Met all pricing targets (including competitive offshore suppliers)
  • 100% American Made: Completely manufactured using materials made in the U.S.A.


MME group helped develop and manufacture a product that has sold more than one million units. It was solely responsible for sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, inventory control, and shipping. MME group met budget and delivered the product ahead of schedule.