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Injection Mold Tooling

Mold Tooling Example From MMEMME Group is a world class tool maker with a wide variety of tooling capabilities. MME Group started as a tool maker and never lost focus on the importance of the quality tool related to the needs of the product. MME Group has worked directly with many large OEM’s over the years in development of new tooling and carries this knowledge into production molds.

Since the early 90's, MME Group has continually focused time in the development of our internal systems to maintain the highest quality standards for the tools we produce. Being a world class tool maker is not about simply building a quality mold, but about:

  • Being a partner that is involved in the program.
  • Knowing the desired outcome of all the deliverables.

MME Group is focused on successful outcomes and we begin working with our customers early on in the program ESI (Early supplier involvement). Getting involved early and our aid in DFM (Design for Manufacturing) we are not simply looked at as the traditional tool shop, but a toolmaker that uses all our internal resources for achieving the end results. We use our in-house AME (Advanced Manufacturing Engineering) team to ensure all best practices are used for tooling, molding, secondary and assembly. Being a world class tool maker and mold maker is about having the outcome in mind in everything we do, knowing who our internal/external customers are and helping each other achieve the end goal.

MME Group is considered world class in tooling because of our involvement, knowledge, approach and understanding of all the deliverables in the manufacturing program.  Read our Case Studies for examples of our work and approach to custom tooling.

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